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Benefits for our partners choosing ATC Italia
1. Correct and punctual communication is our priority.
All Information is current, so we always consider the best timing for communicating with our partners. And we pay particular effort to knowing our partner's situation and we give the exact information our partners need at the right time.
2. We put a great deal of effort into reducing costs using our global network.
Pricing is composed of various factors, such as materials, labour, exchange rates, supply and demand etc. and these factors are changing day by day. We are always analysing information from our network and offer the best to our partners.
3. Our aim for customers is not only goods delivery, but giving satisfaction to that customer.
Somebody thinks that the job is finished when the goods leave the factory or warehouse. We think that our job is finished when the goods are used by our customer to their complete satisfaction.
4. We concentrate our energies on determining the causes of problems.
We concentrate our energies on solving problems and devising stategies to avoid further problems.
5. We support you properly, wherever you are.
We are ready to assist you on any visit to new suppliers. As a global company group we can support you all over the world.
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